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DI and EDI

High-purity water production has traditionally used a combination of membrane separation and ion exchange processes. One well-known membrane separation concept is electrodialysis (ED), which uses an electrical potential to transport and segregate charged aqueous species. EDI is a further refinement of electrodialysis in that it combines the semi-permeable membrane technology with ion-exchange media to provide a high efficiency demineralization process. While the fundamental concept is somewhat simple with the basic desalting unit being an ED dilute cell filled with mixed-bed ion-exchange resin, some complex chemical reactions take place within the resin-filled cell. It is these reactions that help to produce the very high purity water required.

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E-Cell MK-2, E-Cell MK-3, 3X, MK and 3X Multi Stacks, E-Cell MK-3Mini, and PRO E-Cell

GE Power and Water

Provide ultrapure water for industrial applications including Power, Semiconductor, and General Industry.

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