Water Reuse

As a system integrator of a wide variety of water treatment technology and UL 508A panel shop, we understand the importance of system uptime, operational efficiency, automation and maximizing water utilization. H2O Engineering specializes in water treatment system integration tailoring solutions to your precise needs. We have worked with some of the most strict customer requirements in the industry and have a record of surpassing client expectations.

H2O Engineering provides a comprehensive service offering including free water sampling, system design, equipment supply, system integration, chemical supply remote diagnostic reporting, and operations & maintenance contracts. Our goal is to streamline and optimize the treatment and management of water resources for our clients ensuring sustainable water utilization.



Aeration is the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in water.

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Chemical Delivery & Distribution

Chemical delivery & distribution systems are designed to deliver a controlled amount of chemical product to a water source typically by way of pumps, automation and controls.

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Contaminant Removal

The removal of a chemical or undesirable constituent from a water source.

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Water disinfection is the process of neutralization and/or removal of pathogenic microorganisms.

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Enhanced UV Treatment

Ultraviolet disinfection technology provides a safe and effective method for destroying most pathogens as a final step in many treatment processes.

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Filtration Pre-Treatment

Filtration is often utilized to enhance the operation of many common downstream membrane technologies such as ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (RO) and oxidation.

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Oxidation is the process of adding an oxidizer, such as ozone, to a water source in order to remove electrons from the substance or contaminant(s) of interest.

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Service and Maintenance

H2O Engineering offers comprehensive service and maintenance contracts for the water treatment industry as well as free technical support for the lifetime of your equipment.

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System Integration

H2O Engineering specializes in combining complex water treatment subsystems into a single, optimized and robust treatment train.

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Water Delivery and Distribution

H2O Engineering can design and implement automated delivery systems including pumps, instrumentation and control systems

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“It has been a pleasure to work with H2O Engineering on various projects at the Water Resource Recovery Facility. Their entire staff has shown a high degree of professionalism, dedication and attention to detail throughout the entire time frame of the projects. Their company has provided a value-based relationship with the Water Resource Recovery Facility for the City of San Luis Obispo.” Howard Brewen, Water Resource Recovery Facility

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