Case Study

Beverage Quality Reverse Osmosis System – Orlando, FL

New beverage production facility maintains tight schedule to fulfill their water treatment equipment needs.

Project Snapshot

  • Custom 150 GPM stainless steel reverse osmosis system designed, fabricated and delivered in 10 weeks
  • RO presently operating at 125 GPM, based customer’s production demand, and 85% recovery.
  • Support provided by GE Water and Process Technologies
  • 150 GPM permeate capacity
  • RO system fully integrated into customer network
  • Site installation and support provided by H2O Engineering, Inc.


An international beverage supplier needed a 150 GPM all stainless steel reverse osmosis system in 10 weeks for a new facility in Orlando, FL.  This system, in combination with various other types of water treatment equipment, would produce bottled water from a municipal supply source.  The client could not find a RO manufacturer who would be able to design and build a RO to their quality standards.


In collaboration with GE Water and Process Technologies, H2O Engineering designed, fabricated and delivered a 150 GPM stainless steel RO in 10 weeks to meet the customer’s project schedule requirements.


With the support of GE Water and Process Technologies, H2O Engineering was successful in designing, fabricating, and delivering the 150 GPM stainless steel, beverage quality reverse osmosis system to the customer within the required project schedule.  H2O Engineering also adapted to additional client needs by incorporating controls that would integrate with the facility’s communication network and benefit the customer both with enhanced equipment operation, as well as reduced operational costs.  After delivery, H2O Engineering provided effective equipment installation and commissioning at site, both fulfilling the contract, and more importantly, satisfying the client.  This system is currently operating at 125 GPM and 85% recovery.