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Automation, Controls and Telemetry

H2O Engineering is a systems integrator and is a leading designer and manufacturer of automation and control solutions for the water treatment industry.  We specialize in automating complex water process equipment to ensure reliable results are reached each and every time. Our goal is to streamline and optimize the treatment and management of water resources for our clients ensuring that performance and water utilization are maximized.

Managing the time of field service technicians is a common challenge and often a costly one. Consultants are always looking for ways to mitigate site visits in order to save time and money. With telemetry (remote access), many activities that have required an onsite visit can now be performed, 24/7, from a remote location. H2O Engineering offers various product-service options to add telemetry capabilities to an existing system or a new build.

With each remote access package, one can perform basic tasks from starting and stopping the sparge unit to more advanced capabilities such as valve configuration, real-time data monitoring and rapid field response upon alarm notification.

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Automation, Controls and Telemetry

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PLC Control Systems, Remote Telemetry & SCADA Systems, Electrical Design, and Control Panel Fabrication

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H2O Engineering Inc is a UL 508A facility with Electrical Professional Engineers on staff.