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Large Scale Ozone System

Large ozone systems, more than 50 pounds per day, are suitable for use in applications such as small community drinking water systems, publicly owned treatment works and large industrial waste or process water treatment. Ozone can not only destroy organic compounds, but can also break down harmful viruses in wastewater and destroy pharmaceuticals such as estrogen in drinking water treatment. These systems are typically installed inside a separate building at a facility. They can also be containerized for ease of transportation.

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Large Scale Ozone System

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H2O Engineering Inc.

50+ pounds/day ozone output. Contained or pad mounted.


Featuring Intelo-zone® Control Technology, H2O Engineering’s ozone sparge systems deliver the highest concentration of ozone gas directly to the contaminated subsurface. Ozone is released in controlled time duration sequences via in-situ oxidation points. This feature can be programmed and recorded by the logic controller.