Indoor Agriculture: Vertical Farming, Horticulture, and Greenhouse Water Treatment Systems

Greenhouse, Vertical Farming and Horticulture Water Treatment Solutions


Save money and increase crop protection by reusing fertilizer and water with H2O Engineering solutions. We will tailor a solution for you using our innovative filtration and ozone systems that are designed specifically for Indoor Agriculture and greenhouse water treatment systems.

H2O Engineering can help you filter unwanted well water contaminants and reuse irrigation water.   By combining a filtration system designed specifically for your well water with an ozone treatment program to kill pathogens and molds (including Phytophthora and Pythium) and oxygenate your water, we help you reuse water and fertilizer, saving you money.

Our engineers tailor a solution for you using technologies that include:

  • Screen filters
  • Sand filters
  • Multimedia filters
  • Carbon filters
  • RO filtration
  • Ozone Solutions

H2O Engineering’s Indoor Agriculture Ozone Solution ORS-230


Ozone is known as an excellent organic fungicide and biocide that leaves behind no chemical residue. Dissolved in water, it promotes root growth by sanitizing irrigation water and increasing dissolved oxygen to the plants. It can increase your profits by helping you reduce expensive crop losses and reuse expensive fertilizers. H2O Engineering’s innovative ozone solution, ORS-230, is specifically designed for the needs of the indoor and mixed light agricultural industry. It will allow you to maintain and control just the right amount of oxygen and biocide power in your reuse water and clean water storage tanks. It is a great fit for anyone growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens, or cannabis.


  • Maintain low bacteria counts
  • Keep irrigation water fresh
  • Reuse fertilizer
  • Eliminate biofouling
  • Increase dissolved oxygen
  • Save water

H2O Engineering has a reputation for building quality products with robust control systems.


Water treatment solutions for the following industries:

 Indoor Agriculture             Vertical Farm            Horticulture             Hydroponics             Cannabis

Indoor Agriculture                 Vertical Farm                     Horticulture                       Hydroponics                           Cannabis

Our indoor agriculture solutions and greenhouse water treatment systems will help your plants thrive and grow to their best potential. Contact us today for more information about what our water treatment solutions can do for you!