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Self-Contained Ozone

Self-Contained Ozone Systems are available for a wide range of applications. Considering system size, site specific requirements, installation logistics and project objectives aids in determining the ideal equipment containment selection.

Effective for full scale site cleanups, H2O Engineering’s ozone sparge units are completely integrated as a stand alone self-contained system.

H2O Engineering offers stationary systems such as cabinet, skid, and cargo container mounted ozone systems in addition to trailer mounted systems for site where equipment mobility is required. This flexibility allows us to incorporate project requirements, such as safety and environmental controls, equipment noise mitigation, and equipment security.

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H2O Engineering Inc.

H2O Engineering's TOrCsOx® technology has been Title 22 validated by Carollo Engineers in the State of California.


Because of its high oxidation potential, ozone is a viable disinfectant for killing bacteria, and inactivating viruses and protozoa. In addition to destructing organic compounds, ozone can also break down harmful viruses and destroy many pharmaceuticals found in wastewater.