Water Treatment Field Services

Put the experts at H2O Engineering to work with our options of water treatment field services. We design, build, maintain, and optimize your water treatment systems to maximize your ROI.

System Audit and Performance

Optimization Review and adjust critical system parameters to optimize performance


Start-up and commissioning of water treatment equipment

Engineering Support

Our service team is backed by a full suite of field and offsite engineering services

Emergency Service Visits

Perform emergency maintenance required to keep system operational

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Comprehensive service contracts to ensure reliable and efficient system operation

On Site Training

Equipment maintenance, safety and operation training

Replacement Parts, Filters and Chemical

Review existing equipment and onsite inventory to ensure reliable system uptime

Water Sampling and Lab Testing

Comprehensive water analysis to optimize system operation

Remote Data Monitoring

Maximize efficiency and reduce cost with continual, automatic monitoring of your distribution system and/or treatment processes

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