Title 22 (TOrCsOx®)

Our TOrCsOx® technology has been Title 22 validated by Carollo Engineers and our self-contained systems can be utilized in a variety of applications to treat process water and secondary/tertiary waste water effluent for reuse.

H2O Engineering designed compact, safe and reliable ozone technology that can be skid, trailer mounted or containerized for easy installation and transportation. H2O Engineering’s TOrCsOx® technology can be used in many applications such as iron and manganese oxidation, disinfection, TOC removal, mitigation of trace organic compounds and color/odor removal.


Contaminant Removal

The removal of a chemical or undesirable constituent from a water source.

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Water containing high salinity can be desalinated to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation.

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High Purity Water

High purity water is utilized in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and many other products requiring very tight chemical tolerances.

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Reduce Concentrate Production

Optimizing recovery is a critical factor in any water treatment design. Reducing waste streams is key factor in the overall design process.

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Water-Use Efficiency

H2O Engineering's water treatment packages maximize site utilization of water while meeting stringent water quality standards.

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“H2O Engineering is a valuable contributor to ongoing research in ozone disinfection and advanced oxidation for non-potable and potable reuse applications. Their ozone technology has been proven for Title 22 applications and we are excited to add them to our treatment toolbox.” Andy Salveson, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

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